What if Machine Learning Is Less Than It Seems? – The National Interest Online

Artificial intelligence (AI)—particularly its most famous iteration, machine learning—has been hailed as the next game-changing technology for military affairs in the lineage of gunpowder, the combustion engine, and the airplane. One of the defining characteristics of AI innovation in today’s geopolitical competition between the United States and China is that it has occurred primarily …….

Using Machine Learning to Identify Promising Polymer Membranes – UConn Today – UConn

Polymer membranes are commonly used in industry for the separation of gases like CO2 from flue gas and methane from natural gas. Over several decades, researchers have been studying various polymers to improve their permeability and usefulness but have hit a roadblock when it comes to testing them all in a quick and efficient manner. In a recent publication in Science Advances, UCo…….

How we learned to break down barriers to machine learning – Ars Technica

Dr. Sephus discusses breaking down barriers to machine learning at Ars Frontiers 2022. Click here for transcript.

Welcome to the week after Ars Frontiers! This article is the first in a short series of pieces that will recap each of the day’s talks for the benefit of those who weren’t able to travel to DC for our first conference. We’ll be run…….

Reddit Acquires Machine Learning Platform Spell to Improve Contextual Matching Algorithms – Social Media Today

Reddit’s looking to improve its algorithm matching and spam detection, with the acquisition of machine learning platform Spell, which will enhance the platform’s capacity in various ways.

Spell enables teams to run machine learning experiments at scale, which will provide more capacity for Reddit to build its understanding of what works, and how to optimize its systems to ensure be…….

Researchers Conduct Automated Semiconductor Study With Machine Learning – AZoM

The emergence of new thin semiconductor materials necessitates a quantitative analysis of the entire amount of RHEED records, which is time-consuming and involves expertise. To address this issue, researchers from the Tokyo University of Science identified a machine learning approach that can aid in the automation of RHEED data analysis.

Reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEE…….

Embracing AI And Machine Learning To Survive And Thrive In The World Of Law – Above the Law

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continues to become more sophisticated, their profound impact has extended to virtually every industry in the world. The legal profession is no exception, and lawyers who fail to embrace AI and ML may soon find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their colleagues who do.

Lawyers can use AI in many ways to improve their eff…….

Analytics & Machine Learning can lead the Path to Safe Digital Lending – Express Computer

By Monish Anand, Founder & CEO, MyShubhLife

Since the financial effects of the pandemic have, in certain ways, altered our daily lives, financial institutions have made unprecedented changes in the way they operate in response to economic uncertainty. It reiterated the importance of agility and speed for the modern lending market and set new expectations around transparency and hybr…….

The Soul of a New Machine Learning System – WIRED

Hi, folks. Interesting that congressional hearings about January 6 are drawing NFL-style audiences. Can’t wait for the Peyton and Eli version!

The Plain View

The world of AI was shaken this week by a report in The Washington Post that a Google engineer had run into trouble at the company after insisting that a conversational system called LaMDA was, literally, a pe…….